What Parents Say About Winstedt

Read what Winstedt parents have shared about the positive impact our unique international school has had on their children and families.

Discovering the "Winstedt Way"

"Our son, Jack, had struggled in school most of his academic days starting back in 1st grade.  My wife, Patti, and I knew he had the ability to learn and memorize. Still, his handwriting and reading skills were below the typical student’s standards.  In the summer of 2017, after meeting with a psychologist in the United States, Jack was diagnosed with a Non Verbal Learning Disability. To put him in a position to be successful in school, we would need to find a school that knew how to “reach and teach” students that have additional learning hurdles. Outside of Atlanta, Georgia, we found a school that was accommodating for students with all learning disabilities and he was enrolled in autumn of 2017.

Fast forward to the autumn of 2018. My wife’s company asked her to relocate to Singapore. Sure, this was a great career opportunity, but what about Jack? Could we find a school in Southeast Asia that was capable of continuing the educational track we had started him on? Through a lot of Google research and late night phone calls, we discovered The Winstedt School. Not only was The Winstedt School welcoming at first communication, they suggested that Jack (and 10 year old little sister) spend two days in the class room and absorb the culture and learning of the Winstedt Way.

Since starting at the school in the March of 2019, Jack has matured, gained confidence, and grown in a way that my wife and I were not sure was possible several years ago. He’s taken on a leadership role within the school community and looks forward to each school day. We can see it in the way he approaches homework, tests, and projects. He’s not afraid to work because he knows there will be positive results at the outcome. Also, there is a true sense of support among families with children that attend Winstedt."

Mitch Wallace, parent of a Year 9 student

Impact of Pastoral Care and Integrated Therapy

“We would like to thank each counselor at Winstedt who has supported João on this journey. As parents we feel safe and supported knowing that João has a team that looks after him so carefully. We are even happier to know that João has started making friends, because we know that he often used to feel alone at school. Despite all the challenges,  we have noticed that everyday João is more communicative and interested. We notice that he leaves school happily and that he likes therapies very much. Once again, we would like to thank you for everything." 

Taís Castro, parent of a Year 5 student

One of the Best Things We've Ever Done

“Thank you Winstedt for all the care and attention you are giving Archie. It is fair to say he is a changed boy, and the happiest he has been in years if not ever. Sending him to Winstedt was one of the best things we have ever done.”

– Peter Ho and Jenny Parry, parents of a Year 4 student

Academic Centre Of Excellence

"My son Barney was diagnosed at the age of 5 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and as a result he missed almost two years of school. This left him considerably behind his peers and so we searched long and hard for a school that could support this deficit. We finally found Winstedt, where the unique learning approach suited Barney so he could catch up. 

We appreciate that Winstedt took the time to sit down and really understand him, and to talk with us about how we could best support him. The teachers were not afraid to be firm with him, while still showing endless patience and kindness as his emotional breakdowns became less frequent. 

What we didn't know at the time was that Barney had developed ADHD inattentive type as a result of the chemotherapy treatment, which is a common side effect. Winstedt pushed us to have him tested, we resisted, frightened to put a label on him. Again, teachers took the time to sit with us and explain that he was just not getting "higher order" thinking and that it was not for lack of effort. 

This was the best thing that happened for Barney - we finally realised that he was trying his best, but the ADHD had been holding him back. To quote Barney "I don't have to fight to stay awake now. I enjoy going to school and learning!" His self-esteem has gone through the roof, whereas previously he had labelled himself "the big dumb kid", he now participates in class and knows he is just as capable as his peers. 

Throughout this process, Winstedt went over and beyond the call of duty, communicating and pushing us. Winstedt has been the biggest and most positive influence in my child's life and we will be eternally grateful. 

Thank you for the engaging style that keeps kids involved, and for the superb communication with parents. The school's expertise and instincts on him were spot on and have paved the way for a whole new level of learning for him. 

The Winstedt School has saved Barney from a mediocre academic life by providing the necessary support, and for forcing us to raise our expectations. We as a family are so grateful. Winstedt is truly an academic centre of excellence in every way."

- Annie Kirk-Jeffs

From Back Of The Class To Confident Learners

"Our experience with Winstedt has been positive since the first phone call. Our boys trialed over three days and were immediately excited to join the School. Their reaction after the class trial made our decision to enroll very easy. 

We went from two little boys dragging their feet into school each day, to two happy boys who were sad to leave school each afternoon. Since moving to Winstedt a year ago, both boys have blossomed into keen learners who are now showing great academic results. We cannot express how elated we were to receive their last school reports! They have gone from numbers in the back of a large classroom, to eager and confident learners. 

Each day I am thrilled to hear their stories and touch base with their teachers. The warm and welcoming feeling you get when you enter the front door makes me, as a mother, know that my boys are in the most nurturing learning environment I could have possibly found. As an expat who is always picking up from one country to the next, finding a place like Winstedt was like striking gold! We as parents could not be happier!"

- Parents of Reception and Year 1 students

Chance To Learn And Thrive

"Thank you Winstedt for everything you have done for Mitchell over the years! He has built up an enormous amount of confidence within himself and his reading. Special thanks to Sharon for building a school where he was finally given a chance to learn and to thrive. Without Winstedt, he would not be the confident and happy child that he is today."

- Parent of a Year 3 student

More Than Just Academic Development

"The Winstedt School has been a bright star in my son's educational journey. Winstedt has helped him develop in more than just his academics. We appreciate all the innovative things you do to benefit students. Thank you for advocating for students and for keeping their best interests at heart. And thank you for all you have done for my son." 

- Parent of a Year 3 student

Winstedt Is Too Good To Be True

"My daughter has grown so much thanks to the care and guidance Winstedt has shown her. Those many years ago, when another school was kicking her out due to her learning difference, she was so miserable and struggling. At that point, I felt a sense of hopelessness. I know from experience what it is like to be 'lost in the system' because of a learning difference; I couldn't read until the 6th grade. Like my daughter, I was just slipping by. When Dr. Marcou told me about your school, it sounded too good to be true. With our combined efforts, she is now on the right path and has the same opportunities any other child would have. For this, I will always be grateful to Winstedt."

- Matt Goldthwaite

Taking Off In Reading And Writing

"He wrote you his own little letter, but I thought I'd fill you in on how he's doing. I'm so happy to report that he is doing wonderfully! He is really taking off in both reading and writing now. Winstedt has had a huge impact on his life. I doubt that you will ever be forgotten."

- Parent of a Year 1 student, now residing in the US

School That Actually Does Offer Extra Help

"Winstedt was the third school my daughter attended in Singapore and the only one that was able to support her. We found that there is a difference between a school that 'can' offer extra help and a school that actually 'does' offer extra help."

- Parents of a Year 7 student

From Anxious Child To Confident Teen

"So blessed to have been introduced to The Winstedt School! Our son has gone from being an anxiety filled child to a happy, confident teen with a very healthy self-esteem. He's always so happy to be a part of the school and loves going in every day. Thank you to Sharon and the team for the extra care made in selecting teachers who relate well to the students and are able to teach and connect with students from all backgrounds and with different learning styles." 

- Parent of a Year 8 student

Sad To Leave Winstedt

"Our son has truly benefitted from Winstedt and all the support it has provided. We can't thank the team enough for the loving and caring environment provided to all the students. As parents, we are strong advocates for everything Winstedt stands for. We are so sad to be transferred out of Singapore as it means having to leave Winstedt. Our best wishes to the School and know that a part of us will always be there. Thanks to Sharon and the teachers for all that you do. You are truly an inspiration!"

- Parents of Year 3 student, now residing in the US

Finest Teachers In Singapore

"We have lived in Singapore for more than six years. Our son suffered a brain injury when he was just five months old. He is now eight and has some learning and behavioural difficulties as a result of his accident. 

All those these issues present as very mild, he was rejected by three different international schools. Schools that offer learning support, could not accommodate him due to lack of resources. We struggled to find a school that would accept him. Then we found Winstedt. The school that gives hope to families of children who just need some extra help to grow and flourish. Our son has been at Winstedt now for two years where he is taught by some of the finest teachers in Singapore. We can't believe how he has progressed - another Winstedt miracle in action. Winstedt has given us, and our son more than just hope. It has provided a future."

- From the very grateful Tranter family