Teachers & Staff

The Winstedt School is proud to employ a uniquely qualified and experienced teacher community dedicated to providing an inspiring, challenging and supportive learning environment.

At Winstedt, our approach is unique and innovative, and we strive to provide a well-structured nurturing environment and small classes to allow for successful learning with specialised and dedicated teachers who understand a student's needs for explicit, structured and multi-sensory learning.

Winstedt is committed to small class sizes with a maximum of 15 students to 2 qualified teachers in every classroom (7.5:1 student teacher ratio). This allows our specially-trained teachers to provide adequate attention to each student, to personalise instruction based on individual learning styles and to get to know students on a deeper level. 

Our teachers prepare and present lessons according to how each student learns. While allowing students to develop a wide range of learning styles, we personalise education to each child so they understand their own specific goals.