Support Services

The Winstedt School has a responsibility to its students and their parents to help each child reach their full potential. The organization as a whole has helped hundreds of students achieve their goals and continues to do so. Support Services involve Specialists Teachers, Occupational ,Behavioural and Speech and Language therapists who work unreservedly with teachers, students and caregivers.

Why The Winstedt School?

TWS exists to bridge learning gaps and helps to lay the foundation for continued learning as educational concepts become more complex.

TWS is for the student who:

  • Is not being supported effectively in the classroom (gifted or otherwise)
  • Has switched curriculums
  • Is overwhelmed with homework/assignments/school
  • Has self-esteem issues related to poor academic grades
  • Has mainstreamed from a non-traditional educational environment
  • Is being homeschooled
  • Has no alternative educational environment to meet their diverse learning needs
  • Is finding learning exhaustive
  • Requires study skills that help in organisation

The Winstedt School's team of Specialists are responsible for implementing an appropriate programme of support for students identified with a particular need. That need may result from a significant learning difficulty or an advance ability programme. Support Specialists at TWS specialise in Literacy, Mathematics and Mandarin. This is conducted during school hours though a module base schedule customized for every student.

With consistent support and seeing their own progress, our learners develop confidence, and a strong sense of achievement which lead to participating in all aspects of school life.

Please click here for the List of Support Services.

The Winstedt School and its related entities do not endorse or recommend any external tutors.