Integrated Therapy

From Executive Functioning to penmanship, Winstedt's dedicated therapy team provides skills and tools that are relevant to every student, through our unique integrated therapy model. 

Winstedt Therapists

Speech and Language, Occupational and Behavioural Therapists at The Winstedt School work to support children: 

  • Inside the classroom
  • In targeted groups

Integrated Therapy

At Winstedt, our therapists work in tandem with teachers and Heads of School to support students throughout the class day. This includes:

  • Teacher training on implementing Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Behavioural Therapy strategies within the classroom. 
  • Lesson and activity planning with teachers to ensure that skill development is targeted within the curriculum and across the school day. 
  • Observations in the classrooms.
  • Immediate or easily accessible advice for teaching staff about whole class and individual student strategies. 
  • Individual student goal setting and planning with teachers and Heads of School. 
  • Direct Occupational, Speech and Language, and Behavioural Therapy support within the classroom. 
  • Opportunities for parent training to reinforce skills at home. 
  • Multidisciplinary meetings with the child's team. 
  • Interactions with students during unstructured times (e.g., recess, lunch...)
  • On-the-spot intervention provided throughout the school day. 
  • Letters of support provided to insurance companies. 
  • Meeting with external agencies and consultations with external providers. 

Therapy Groups

Group sessions, including Facilitated Play Skills Sessions, Social Skills, Visualising and Verbalising, Motor Planning and other such sessions are designed to target skills that benefit from being worked on in a group setting. Groups enable various skills to be practiced with peers of a similar age and ability level and enable students to learn from each other. 

Regular feedback to classroom teachers regarding on-going reinforcement of skills and strategies take place to ensure continuity across the school. Termly feedback is provided to parents regarding each child's progress. 

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