We know that kids today are facing challenges unknown to earlier generations. We know the power of social media, and the impending threat and fear of cyber bullying. We are all too aware of the difficulties that children face in school due to the amount of time spent on screens and games.

At Winstedt, we do not see children as simply little adults and we do not scale down their counselling. A child’s developmental stages, environment, reasons for seeking out help necessitate a different and at times, creative approach to counselling. All students have access to the School Counsellor for school-related issues.

Winstedt provides a range of Pastoral Care support for our students, including individual counselling sessions. All counselling sessions are kept in strict confidence due to the sensitive nature of the relationship built on trust between the counsellor and the student. 

Pastoral Care Services Include

  • Daily interventions with children during morning recess and afternoon recess, as well as lunch and after school. 
  • Focused social skill support with targeted class sessions. 
  • Observations during specific classes to improve a child's socio-emotional well-being. 
  • Preparing children for significant events within and external to school (i.e., Knowledge Checks, school camps, fire drills, etc.)
  • Individual, paired, group and walk-in sessions with children around concerns such as friendship, bullying, transition, anxiety, anger management, family dynamics, etc.
  • Consultations with parents via phone, email, and face-to-face regarding a child's socio-emotional wellbeing within the school and externally. 
  • Administration of screening tools to assess a child's specific challenges as well as strengths. 
  • Weekly meetings with a child's team involving Heads of Schools, class teachers, specialists, therapists and parents. 
  • In-class behavioural and emotional support. 
  • Advising, planning, and executing specific preventative plans and measures for children with behavioural or emotional difficulties. 
  • Consultations with children's external service providers to ensure consistent implementation of goals and strategies. 
  • Theme-based talks held every term on relevant topics such as Cyber Wellness, Sexuality, Siblings, etc. 
  • Creating and implementing social stories on an as-needed basis for students. 
  • Compliance based lessons held with targeted classes. 
  • Pull-out groups for students who have difficulty accessing assemblies or other similar type activities.