Why Winstedt

Does your child...

"We are so grateful to have found The Winstedt School! The supportive community has done wonders in helping my son gain confidence and enjoy school again. A happy child is a happy learner." Parent of a Year 8 Student

  • Shine in small groups but get lost in a crowd?
  • Seem out of sync with peers either academically or socially?   
  • Excel in active environments with opportunities for movement and creative expression? 
  • Seem anxious about school or is reluctant to attend? 

Winstedt was designed and purpose-built for students with learning differences. At Winstedt, each student is included, celebrated, and supported by a Team of specialists to leverage their strengths and personal gifts. Some of our students may or may not have special needs or learning differences, and some are Twice Exceptional students who benefit from a tailored and imaginative learning environment to thrive in an academic setting. Winstedt is home to a passionate, diverse and caring community of students, teachers, therapists, psychologists and counsellors, and other education specialists who believe every learning experience should be intuitive, imaginative and engaging. 

Read the testimonials from Winstedt parents.

Such learning experiences can only exist with the collaboration of different types of expertise, talents, perspectives, and methods from all over the world. At The Winstedt School, our students thrive among an international community of interconnected professionals, special needs and learning support experts, that provide personalised instruction and support with: 

  • Small classes of no more than 15 students to 2 qualified teachers in every class
  • Integrated therapy (in-house, dedicated occupational and speech & language therapists) working in tandem with teachers to implement customised strategies to support the individual development and needs of each student in the classroom
  • Flexible and tailored core subject groups that allow students to learn at the level, and in the manner that best support their learning
  • Dedicated team of in-house psychologists, counsellors, and a behavioral therapists that specialise in child development in the field of education or special education
  • Inclusive community in which each child is included, valued, and celebrated
  • Globally-recognised UK curriculum and career electives at higher education institutions that prepare our students for the opportunities of tomorrow beyond the classroom

Winstedt is committed to fostering a uniquely supportive and nurturing community; enabling our students to capitalise on their individual gifts and truly own their learning experience.