January 2017

Dear Parents, Friends, Supporters and Champions of Human Diversity,

For the child who struggles with reading and writing, who learns differently and who benefits from a school where classes are designed around each student’s strengths and requirements, The Winstedt School education can make the difference between a lifetime of failure or one of success. Winstedt provides everything a student needs within a small classroom environment of no more than 15 students to two teachers: individualised attention centering on academic, social and personal growth.

The purpose of this call for help is to raise immediate funds for our new campus. The school fees do not cover all of the expenses of a Winstedt education. At Winstedt, lesson plans do not come from a teacher’s guidebook; they come from our teachers who translate diagnostic information and more into individualised instructional activities. Because of our dedicated teachers, our students succeed in the classroom and in life. Every child has a team directly supporting his or her needs. This includes the subject teachers, on-site occupational therapists and speech and language therapists and a counsellor. Eighty percent of our operating budget pays faculty and staff salaries and benefits. Your donation will help build the facilities that every student will benefit from.

By donating to The Winstedt School, you have the opportunity to change a life.

Your participation encourages others to give, helps persuade foundations and corporations to invest in our school and sends a message that Winstedt makes a difference. How does it help? From cutting-edge, age-appropriate technology education at all grade levels; outdoor facilities that allow for physical agility and development; art studios which include wood work and screen printing; a science lab; theatre works encompassing a sound and lighting studio and stage craft – these are but some of the benefits our students – your children – deserve.

When you make a gift to The Winstedt School, you change the life of every Winstedt student.

For more information on how to make that donation, email:

With gratitude and appreciation,
Sharon Solomon
Founder, The Winstedt School