The Winstedt School is our 1-week Winter Studio conducted during the school break following the first semester. The 2021 Winter Studio’s theme was "Ignite Your Senses" offering a wide-range multi-sensory activities and academic studies (January 4-8, 2021).  

The Winter Studio is comprised of Academics, Arts, Music, Coding, Sports, and STEAM activities all thoughtfully curated for Winstedt as well as non-Winstedt students throughout the week. All academic, music, STEAM,  and art sessions are conducted by Winstedt School teachers and specialists. Some sports and cooking sessions held are conducted by our external partners. The students are placed in their “Camp Group” based on their age. "Therapy Camp" is also offered as a separate stand-alone session delivered daily from 3:15pm-4pm which parents may choose as an additional option.

Download our Winter Studio and Therapy Camp Brochure for more details on the description of the activities and scheduling.

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