All students at The Winstedt School wear uniforms every day. This is standard practice for international schools in Singapore. Uniforms help to provide students with a sense of identity and cohesion, and minimise social group distinctions based on apparel. 

All students across the school wear navy shorts. Uniform tops are coloured according to year group level: 

  • Early Years (Reception through Year 2) wear white shirts
  • Junior Years (Years 3 to 6) wear green shirts
  • Middle and Senior Years (Years 7 and above) wear blue shirts

All students will also need a set for Physical Education (PE) which includes a grey shirts. 

Uniforms can be purchased directly through the School. Detailed uniform information can be found on our order form here.

For more information, or to arrange a visit for your child to try them on, please contact info@winstedt.edu.sg