2021 Summer Camp: Bring Your "A" Game!

The Winstedt School offers a summer program, Summer Camp for 3-full weeks at the Winstedt School campus. This year's Summer Camp is scheduled to be held from June 21-July 9, 2021 and is a full-day program. As with last year, weekly option will also be available. A detailed Program will soon be available, but below is the outline of 2021 Summer Camp.

Week 1 – Action (STEAM Camp)

Week 2 – Adventure (Nature Camp)

Week 3 – Awareness (Service Camp)

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If you have any questions, please email us at marketing@winstedt.edu.sg with your name, child's name and age. When we have finalized the Program Schedule, we will be sure to email you to provide you with additional updates.

Winstedt-designed, Delivery by Winsted School’s Teachers and Specialists

The Summer Program is a Winstedt-designed holistic educational program curated for students who thrive in a differentiated learning environment. Winstedt’s Summer Camp offer multi-sensory lessons, executive functioning skills development, and extra-curricular activities. All core modules are delivered by The Winstedt’s School’s teachers, specialists, and partners (Therapy Camp, Sports Camp).

Stopping the Summer Slide

Numerous research and studies show that students experience decline in their academic skills over the long summer months when school is not in session. For students who require differentiated learning and a consistent structure for academic and social development, the regression can be even more pronounced. This is the impetus behind the development and launching of The Winstedt School Summer Camp.

For any questions, please contact us at marketing@winstedt.edu.sg.  

Dates for 2021 Summer Program

June 21 - July 9, 2021


The Winstedt School Campus, 1208 Upper Boon Keng Road, 387312

2020 Summer Program Sample and Schedule

2020 Summer Program Schedule is available for your reference, but do note that this summer camp's program will focus more on making it fun, imaginative, and active based on the theme "Bring Your A Game": "Action" consisting of STEAM activities, "Adventure" based on nature activities, and "Awareness" based on service and community engagement activities.

2021 Schedule of Fees

All fees indicated in the schedule include 7% GST. A 10% discount will be provided to parents who choose a Full 3-Week Program, but may wish to choose a 1 or 2-Week option. The fee does not include transportation and lunch.

Sibling Discount: A 25% sibling discount will be provided to a sibling. The sibling is not required to be a Winstedt student for the discount to apply.


Fees Per Week (full-day)

3-Weeks (full-day)

Group 1: Reception - Year 3


$2,220 $1,998

Group 2: Years 4-6


$2,220 $1,998

Group 3: Years 7-9


$2,220 $1,998

Group 4: Years 10 and up


$2,220 $1,998

Sibling 25% Discount


$1,665 $1,498.50



Bus service will be available through Woodlands Transport. Fees schedule and registration information will be updated soon.


Hot and healthy lunches can be ordered online through our lunch partner Victus Catering. Lunches are delivered directly to the school. 

Refund Policy Schedule

Once the registration is confirmed and paid, there will be no refund processed unless there is a Government-issued school closure. 

Government Issued School Closure

Should the Singapore Government issue a school campus closure after classes start, refund will be provided on a pro-rated basis.

Should be Singapore Government issue a school campus closure before classes start, 100% refund will be provided