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Dr. Bret Dieterle appointed Head of Research & Learning

As we charge into our 11th year, Winstedt remains determined in letting every one of its students be personally empowered so that the education they receive will allow them to be the best they can be, by engaging them every step of the way. The Winstedt student learns in ways that suit their mind and captures their heart, sans oppressive values that make up archaic traditional models destined to make failures of the brightest minds. 

To make it all happen, involves a team and individuals who can lead the mission and vision of Winstedt in various departments.  As we evolve, we will build a Learning Leadership team set to trail blaze new frontiers.

Stepping into the role of Head of Research and Learning is Dr Bret Dieterle. Bret is responsible for setting up a department that supports the collection, validation and application of quality data at Winstedt, from all faculty, students and alumni. As Head of Research and Learning, he will set the pace and direction for curricula implementation, amongst other related work, with the overarching goal of promoting equity in education. 

We know Winstedt for its many changes and change is, unashamedly, a constant because we are on a journey for continuous improvement.  Having a Research and Learning department will allow for uninterrupted learning, validity and reliability of its unique model. No educator nor policy maker can afford to be complacent in this day and age. What worked a decade ago, may not necessarily work now nor be of value in time to come.  Winstedt has the ability to challenge the status quo with a team that has the knowledge, understanding and fine reasoning to make it happen – and succeed. The Head of Research and Learning is responsible in ensuring every Winstedt student in Senior School not only graduates with a diploma or certificate that is internationally recognised, but has the skills and tools necessary to navigate their future with a strong sense of purpose and self-awareness.