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Winstedt's Got Talent

We had a jam packed, talent filled line up this year at Winstedt’s Got Talent with over 30 acts showcasing their talents!  There was singing, dancing, instrumental performances, acting skits, comedy scenes, magic tricks, stand-up comedy, Rubix cube solving, mime, a choir, martial arts, Angklung and presentations on Animation and Python Programming!  What an incredible mix of interests our students and teachers have. 

It’s wonderful to have seen so many students sign up to perform, solo, in pairs or in groups and see them put in the time to rehearse and come together with their friends to create pieces for the Talent Show.  We have no idea how big next year’s Winstedt Got Talent will be, but if it’s anything like this year, we know it’s going to be a blast! 

A huge well done to everyone who participated. And a warm thank you to our audience for their tremendous support.