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Note to the Parents/Guardians,

As we do our best to support the students of Winstedt with online instructional opportunities we need to inform you about the tools we use, and some cautions we have for you.

We are, whenever possible, using many of the same online tools we employed in face to face schooling – mostly Google Classroom. However, we have also needed to utilise these tools in new ways and add tools we had not needed prior, such as Google Hangouts/Meet.  Please be aware of the following:

Our use of messaging and video conferencing is new.  We are using Google Hangouts/Meet and we need your help to ensure these tools are being used appropriately and responsibly by students:

  • Google Hangouts Messaging is to be used by students for school activities only. If students wish to contact each other socially, they must use an alternative provider and not their Google email account associated with school.
  • Google Meet / Video Conferencing is to be used by teachers to interact with their students either as a whole class or individually. It should not be used by students in video calling each other. Students should use their own social platform to video call each other.
  • These are great tools to keep students connected, but please have your students use these tools somewhere near enough you can monitor, yet private enough to concentrate on their work.
  • Students/parents/guardians should not take photos, screenshots, record any video, or audio, from these conference sessions.  You do not have permissions to do so and it is a violation of our Responsible Use Guidelines. 
  • The tools we use are vetted by our faculty and administrators for data privacy and safety.  We will be adding new tools as needed and are mindful of this important aspect.
  • Lastly, the same rules of conduct and behaviour will apply as they do in the classroom. The Winstedt School Responsible Use Guidelines will continue to apply to this remote learning.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s use of online tools, please contact me at 

We appreciate your support during this challenging time, and we are working very hard to keep our students engaged and supported. 

Thank you,

Hayley Jean

Senior Teacher

The Winstedt School