The Winstedt School has contracted Victus Catering to provide healthy school lunches and snacks for our students and the staff.

The Victus Catering company provides a wide selection of snacks, and healthy Western, Asian, Vegetarian, and Allergen-free meal options; freshly made each day in their kitchen, and delivered straight to The Winstedt School!

They believe in the future of food, so at the start of each week, their menu turns entirely plant-based for Meatless Monday, where they serve delicious vegetarian and plant-based options.

The meals do not contain nuts, pork or shellfish. Although the kitchen is not certified Halal, all of their products and meats are sourced from Halal suppliers.

Parents interested in ordering catered lunches and snacks can contact them directly at and order food by visiting their webpage.

To order a meal plan, follow the given steps :

1. Download the Excel order sheet from the dedicated webpage.

2. Select all the daily choices on the sheet.

3. Follow the easy payment instructions.

4. Email the order sheet and payment receipt to us at

Please note that the Winstedt School does not have an on-site canteen. Students can either bring a packed lunch from home or order through the Victus Catering. Winstedt is a nut-free school. So all lunches provided by Victus Catering are nut-free, and any lunches brought in from home must also be nut-free.