Deferment Procedure

1. Parent / Student to Submit Course Deferment Form

  • Parents / Students requesting for a Course Deferment will need to fill up the Course Deferment Form with supporting documents and submit the Form to the Admissions Officer.

2. Parent / Student Interview with Admissions Officer

  • Admissions Officer will arrange for an interview session who will discuss with the student the academic implications of deferment and to understand the reasons for deferment and if possible, find a solution to avoid deferment.

Note: Admissions Officer to contact parents/guardians to verify that they give their consent for the request for deferment, if the student is below 18 years old.

  • Parent / Student is to sign off on the Course Deferment Form to acknowledge if they would like to retract or proceed with the course deferment.

Note: Students holding Student Passes must be informed that their deferment is subject to approval of their student pass from ICA.

  • If deferment request is a year or more, the School would consider the application as a new intake and advise the parents to re-apply again next year.

3. Approval of Course Deferment by Academic Division

  • Upon approval from Associate Head of Academic, Admissions Officer is to seek approval from CEO.

4. Issue Letter to Effect Course Deferment

  • An official letter to effect the Course Deferment Request would also be issued to parents / students. This would be done upon the approval by Management.
  • Admissions Department is to check that the whole deferment procedure has been completed, and official letter has been issued by signing off on the Course Deferment Form

Note: Parents/ Students are to sign off on the Course Deferment Form to indicate that they have received the Official Letter, and contract has been signed.

Deferment Procedure Flowchart