Appeal Procedure for Results

1. Upon release of results, parents who are dissatisfied with the outcome may submit a Result Appeal Email to the Teachers / Heads of School.

2. The Teacher / Heads of School is to acknowledge the receipt of the appeal within 3 working days.

3. The Heads of School is to review the appeal request and decide if it is a valid appeal. If the request qualifies for an appeal, a different marker will be designated to re-mark the paper. Comments in relation to the re-mark must be documented in the email, which would be circulated to the Examination Board Chair for his/her review and approval.

4. All decisions made by the Examination Board are final.

5. The Heads of School will inform the parent of the final decision within one month from the date of the appeal.

6. Should there be changes required, the Heads of School will make the necessary amendments to the results.

Note: The school does not award any certificates to students. Progression to the next grade is by year, and not by results.