The Winstedt School embraces technology not only as an education tool, but also as a fundamental skill for personal and professional success. 

  • Reception through Year 3 students leverage iPads in the classroom as an early introduction to navigating and utilising technology via the use of tailored academic and creative applications. 
  • Year 4 and above utilise laptops throughout the day, learning the Microsoft Office suite, tailored academic and creative applications, keyboarding, digital safety awareness as well as technical skills in coding. 
  • Each classroom is equipped with a SMART Board to deploy interactive lessons and expose students to technology. 

Assistive Technology is part of every classroom, providing teachers with exceptional tools that help address the different learning styles within the school. These tools are used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of students with learning differences. 

Laptop Specifications

All students in Year 4 and above are required to bring a personal laptop to school each day. Laptops will be used in class for specific academic activities. Students are not permitted to use their laptops, or any other personal devices, before or after school on school premises or during lunch, recess class breaks. 

Wireless Connectivity The Wi-Fi network installed operates on the 802.11n 5Ghz standard.
Operating System
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX (minimum Yosemite preferred) with Windows 10 installed via Bootcamp. 
  • Note: iPads, tablets, Chromebooks and Windows S Laptops are not permitted. 
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Antivirus (Free Avira Antivirus for Mac and PC)
  • PDF Viewer

Free Software required for Computing classes:

Battery Must be able to operate under normal conditions for a minimum of 6 hours. 
Storage and RAM A minimum specification for storage of 128 GB HDD or SDD, and 4 GM RAM (8 GM preferred for multimedia applications), to process and store data effectively. 
Hardware Built in camera and microphone. 
Display Integrated display no smaller than 11 inches. 
Pointer Touch screen or track-pad. 
Weight Weight 2-kg maximum. 
Accessories Supply a carry case or skin to protect the device. 
Insurance and Warranty Be aware of the terms of insurance policies/warranties for the device. The School will not accept responsibility for loss or breakage.