Curie-Einstein: A Program for the Twice Exceptional


Winstedt’s Curie-Einstein is a Programme is designed specifically for twice exceptional students. The term “twice-exceptional,” also referred to as “2e,” is used to describe gifted children who have the characteristics of gifted students with the potential for high achievement and give evidence of one or more learning disorder/s. Across the globe, students who fall under this umbrella are known to be at a disadvantage, despite their outstanding talents. At Winstedt, we believe it is extremely important that these students are given ample opportunities to be able to demonstrate their abilities and to be able to perform continuously, at the level of their talents. We believe that all gifted and talented learners need support and extension across the curriculum as much as possible and, opportunities must be given to allow for extension and challenge every day.

Problem to Solve

The Curie-Einstein Programme was conceptualized with 2e students in mind who demonstrate obvious strengths in academics and/or the arts. There is no such programme that currently exists in Singapore (nor the region that Winstedt is aware of). Ironically, in spite of their obvious strengths as learners, 2e students often languish in school unless teachers can provide them with more than the challenges of the usual curriculum. A student who is precociously advanced in reading, for example, may make little further progress at reading if her teachers do not recognize and develop her skill; her talent may effectively disappear from view as her peers gradually catch up to her initial level. Without special accommodation to their unusual level of skill or knowledge, students who are gifted or talented can become bored by school, and eventually the boredom can even turn into behavioural problems.

Our Approach

This unique Programme – a first in Singapore, addresses the complete 2e student and not just the talent. The Curie-Einstein Programme invests substantial resources in developing the whole child - socially, emotionally and cognitively. An experienced team of practitioners across the board remain in consult throughout, serving the changing needs of every 2e child in this bespoke programme. The 2e student group are provided with customized pull-out sessions twice per week. Each semester, a group of 2e students will also be guided on a particular project. The project will have a group goal, but tasks will be divided up according to their individual strengths. As they work through the project, the teacher, the SLT, OT and school psychologist will use the project as an opportunity to help the group work on their perspective-taking, teamwork skills, social skills, executive functions, time-management, feedback acceptance, planning and problem-solving skills.


The outcomes of the Curie-Einstein will be measured according to The Winstedt School’s Executive Functioning Rubric.

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Apply for a Scholarship

We provide scholarships for twice exceptional students to participate in the Curie-Einstein Program. To learn more about whether your child qualifies, please contact our Admissions Office at and make sure to start the application process with us for admission.