Beyond the Classroom

Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

After school, extra curricular activities are an essential part of every student’s growth and development. The Winstedt School typically offers between 5-10 different ECA options per day for students to explore interests and connect with other students across the school. 

ECA sessions run from 3:30 - 4:30pm and activity options change each term. Previous activities have included: 

Academic Athletic  Artistic
Homework Club Football (Soccer) Mural Painting
Mandarin Club Athletics Pottery
Debate Swimming Drama
Girl Scouts Cross-Country Running Sewing
Chess Parkour Choir
Builder's Club Basketball Musical Instrument Lessons
Cooking Gymnastics Songwriting
Mother Tongue Languages Taekwondo Doll making
Coding Table Tennis Music Recording and Mixing (DJ)
Student Council Athletics Irish Dancing


After ECA, door-to-door bus service is available through Woodlands Transport. Please contact them directly at for details. 


At Winstedt, we know the benefits of camp and how amazing it is to learn some of life’s more important lessons outdoors. Which is why camp is an annual event for our older students. Our students have ventured into the wilderness of Indonesia, the great outdoors of Singapore and the maze of natural coastal and secondary forests off the mainland.

  • Camp looks at the power and possibility in our students to unearth their strengths and face their fears.
  • Camp dismisses the fancy widgets and embraces important relationships - inter and intra-personal.
  • Camp demands a lot from our students because it does matter what every individual does. Getting comfortable away from home and in touch with the outdoors requires more than physical exertion. It requires a high level of personal responsibility and thoughtfulness toward the group.
  • Camp works toward increased independence and self-esteem whilst nature challenges students without keeping score.

Students in Year 4 participate in an all-day, off-site Camp. Students in Year 5 participate in 1.5 days overnight camp held at The Winstedt School campus. And students in Year 6 and above will participate in a 3-4 days overseas camp.