SEED Program

Your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or disorder.  You want  your child to experience  a vibrant school life. Not  just  survive, but  to thrive. Now What?

SEED Mission: We are on a mission to revolutionize and redefine education and learning in Asia, to foster a truly inclusive and equitable education for students who require an additional degree of ongoing and individualized attention.

About SEED

SEED stands for “Social, Emotional, and Educational Development.”

The SEED Program is specifically designed for students who are not yet ready for our mainstream curriculum at The Winstedt School (TWS) and need more intensive support and resources. SEED specialists have a demonstrated track record of success at TWS and were selected specifically for SEED.

The goal of the SEED Program is to improve the school-based experience of those students who require an innovative and specialized approach to classroom instruction. The Program’s model utilizes a child-centered approach to ensure the appropriate levels of support and interventions, not found in typical classrooms, are readily available.

SEED Student's Dedicated Team

SEED Program delivers a trans-disciplinary team consisting of a SEN Teacher (daily), Behavioral Therapist (daily), Psychologists (2x per week), TWS SLT Therapist (weekly group push-in session, and available onsite throughout the week), TWS OT Therapist (weekly group push-in session, available onsite throughout the week), and TWS Assistive Technology Integration Specialists (available onsite throughout the week).

Our Unique Approach

SEED applies TWS-designed integrated trans-disciplinary educational model customized for SEED student profiles. Integrated therapy and social and emotional skills development are curated as part of every SEED student’s day-to-day compulsory education. Compare this to other schools that offer ad hoc therapies that are conducted in isolation from the student’s overall classroom and learning pathway. All SEED specialists work strategically in tandem, not in isolation, for our students. 

Our approach ensures maximum impact in the ongoing growth and development of each individual student based on their profile and specific learning needs.

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