Student Contract

Under the Committee for Private Education (“CPE”) requirements, it is mandatory that all students sign the Standard Student Contract, otherwise known as the Private Education Institution (“PEI”) Contract, with The Winstedt School prior to commencement of the course.

Before signing the PEI Contract, parents are required to read through the “Advisory Note to Students”.

Click here to view the Advisory Note on CPE’s website.

Parents should ensure that the following information has been included in the contract and is accurate:

  • The duration of the course, and whether it is offered or provided on a full-time and/or part-time basis;
  • The commencement date and end date of the course;
  • The scheduled holidays, if any;
  • The dates of all examinations, major assessments and assignments (if applicable);
  • The components of all fees payable by the student;
  • The fee collection schedule, including any late fee payment policy; and
  • The fee refund policy.