Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Affording Winstedt: Invest in your child's future

For most students, attending The Winstedt School is a unique opportunity that allows them to learn in an environment customized to their needs, grow academically, socially, and emotionally and experience success, often for the first time. Students who attend the school say that within just a few weeks they start to see a change in their self-confidence, abilities and outlook. But we realize that sending your child to Winstedt is a significant investment.

Financial Assistance:

The Winstedt School has a limited financial aid programme and is able to provide some assistance to those parents/guardians who demonstrate a clear financial need. To help evaluate demonstrated need, The Winstedt School has established a Financial Assistance Review Committee to administer all applications fairly and in accordance with the principles and practice of the School’s financial standard operating procedure and the mission of The Winstedt School.

How to Apply:

We will accept financial assistance applications from existing and new students for the 2021-2022 academic year until August 6, 2021. For new students, please ensure that you have completed the Application for Admission to The Winstedt School to be eligible for Financial Assistance. As our admissions is on a rolling basis, financial aid applications from new students only may be considered throughout the year on a rolling basis after the deadline.

Scholarship Programme:

We currently offer scholarships for students who are admitted into our Curie-Einstein Programme for twice exceptional students. The term “twice-exceptional,” also referred to as “2e,” is used to describe gifted children who have the characteristics of gifted students with the potential for high achievement and give evidence of one or more learning disorder/s.

To find out whether your child qualifies for our Curie-Einstein Scholarship, please contact our Admissions Office at