Fee Structure

Fees at The Winstedt School are defined by: 

"Winstedt has been the biggest and most positive influence in my child's life. The School's expertise and instincts on him were spot-on and have paved the way for a whole new level of learning" Parent of a Year 3 Student

  • Integrated team of specialists including therapists, psychologists, a senior teacher and a co-teacher, and counsellors within a small inclusive community ensures seamless support across the school. This means, there is no extra cost of therapists on top of tuition fees as our fees include group therapy sessions that are integrated with our academic curriculum.
  • 1:7 teacher to student ratio, or a maximum of 15 students to two teachers in each class to ensure your child receives the time and attention needed to thrive. 
  • Personalised instruction that caters to each student's unique abilities and learning style  through tailored groupings for core subjects.
  • International teachers with a wealth of experience in supporting diverse learners. 

For an overview of all fees payable, please download our current academic year (2020-2021) fee information sheets for New Students and for Returning Students. Please see below for the updated 2021-2022 Fee Schedule for the next academic year which starts on 11 August, 2021.