Application and Enrolment Process

Admission to The Winstedt School is determined through a thoughtful application process that ensures a good fit for both your child and our community.

Our academic year runs from August to June, however, Winstedt offers rolling enrolment to students who can benefit from our individualised approach and small class size. 

Our learning approach was developed for students with an average IQ or above, and does not cater to students with primary emotional or behavioural difficulties. Where students have emotional or behavioural challenges as a result of educational frustration, support can be provided. Please review our Admissions Criteria for more details. 

Application Process

Step 1: Enquire

Give us a call, drop us an email or submit an online enquiry and we'll be happy to get in touch.  For more details on how to reach us, visit our Contact page

Step 2: Visit

The best way to experience The Windstedt School is to see it for yourself! Regular tours are scheduled every Tuesday at 9:30am and Thursday at 9:00am. To attend, simply register online here. Alternatively, you can contact with specific questions or to arrange another time to visit. 

The visit provides the opportunity to see the facilities, get a glimpse into a classroom and become acquainted with our School’s curriculum and culture. We encourage families to bring the child along for the tour so that they can also get a feel for the school. 

Step 3: Apply

Step A: Register Online

Begin by registering on our: Application Website

Step B: Document Submission
The online application platform will guide you through how to upload the required documents.

1. Student's birth certificate

2. Student's passport and identity card

3. Passport sized photograph of the student

4. Parents' passports and identity cards

5. Immunisation records

If Available:

6. School reports (at least 2 years preferred)

7. Copies of standardised test scores

If Applicable:

8. Recent Speech and Language and/or Occupational Therapy evaluations. The evaluation/s should have taken place within the last 18 months.

9. Most recent Educational Psychological assessment. This report must include results from the WISC-IV or V cognitive assessment as well as achievement scores. The report must be dated within the last 24 months.

Step 4: Trial

Based on the information provided in the Application Form and following your visit, the School will decide if your child can proceed with a 1-3-day class trial. A trial is an integral component of our Admissions process. It allows your child to try us out and gives us the opportunity to assess your child for a potential fit.

In some situations, the trial can be waived based on application documents and students can be given a conditional placement.

Step 5: Decision

Following the trial, the Admissions team meets with parents to discuss assessments and observations and the child’s suitability for the School.

If our Admissions team finds the student cannot be appropriately supported, every effort will be made to refer parents to possible alternatives.

Step 6: Enrolment

If admitted, The Winstedt School will send a Placement Letter. Parents must inform us, within 7 days, of acceptance by signing the letter. After the signed Placement Letter has been received, parents will be invoiced for the Enrolment Fee and sent the PEI Student Contract. 

Private Education Institution (PEI) Contracts
The Winstedt School is an accredited Private Education Institution (PEI) and students must complete the PEI Student Contract. It is mandatory for all students to have a valid and signed contract before attending any classes as per Committee for Private Education (CPE) regulation. Failure to complete the PEI Student Contract and pay the fees as stipulated in the PEI Student Contract will result in the forfeiture of the student’s placement offer.

Once the contract has been signed, parents will receive the invoice for the school fees. Subsequent school fees will be due according to the fee schedule found in the “Fee Structure” section. Fee refunds are found under the guidelines set forth in the PEI Student Contract.

Please note:
This application is made on the understanding that the child has a basic command of English.

If information relevant to the extent of the child’s educational, emotional, social or health needs has not been made apparent to the School on the date of admission, the School reserves the right to ask parents to withdraw the child, based on the School’s assessment (in its sole discretion) that the School in unable to meet the child’s needs.

The School reserves the right to allocate places at its discretion in special circumstances. Enrolment will be considered as vacancies become available.