Application and Enrolment Process

Admission to The Winstedt School is determined through a thoughtful application process that ensures a good fit for both your child and our community.

We believe that it's important for the School to get to know each applicant as an individual, not as just a collection of documents. Our unique Class Trial process reassures prospective families that Winstedt has the resources in place to support their child's academic success before any fees are charged. As such, the Winstedt School does not charge any fees until a formal placement has been offered and accepted. 

Our academic year runs from August to June however, Winstedt offers rolling enrolment throughout the year, pending availability in the class. 

Our learning approach was developed for students with an average IQ or above and does not cater to students with primary emotional or behavioural difficulties. Where students have emotional or behavioural challenges as a result of academic frustration, support can be provided. Please review our Admissions Criteria for more details. 

Application Process

Step 1: Enquire

Give us a call, drop us an email or submit an online enquiry and we'll be happy to get in touch. For more details on how you can reach us, visit our Contact page

Step 2: Visit

The best way to experience The Winstedt School is to see it for yourself! Regular tours are available every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. and Thursday at 9:00 a.m. To attend, simply register online for a date that is convenient. Alternatively, you can contact admissions@winstedt.edu.sg with specific questions or to arrange another time to visit. 

These visits provide an opportunity to meet with a member of our admissions team, become acquainted with our UK curriculum and integrated support approach, view the facilities and learn about our inclusive school culture. We encourage families to bring prospective students along for the tours so that they can also get a feel for the school.  

Step 3: Apply

Step A: Register Online

Begin by setting up your child's account on our application platform, OpenApply

Note: Winstedt does not charge an application fee. Parents are not charged any fees until the School offers a placement and the Parents accept the placement. Visit our Fee Structure page for more details. 

Step B: Document Submission

The online application platform will guide you through how to upload the required documents which include: 

  • Student's birth certificate
  • Student's immunisation records
  • Digital headshot photo of the student
  • Student's passport and Singapore identity card
  • Parent's passports and Singapore identity cards
  • Past two years school reports (if available)

If applicable:

  • Most recent Educational Psychological assessment. The report must include results from the WISC-IV or V cognitive assessment as well as achievement scores. The report should be dated within the last 24 months. 
  • Recent Therapy assessments/evaluations. These reports should be dated within the past 18 months. 

Step 4: Class Trial

Upon submission, the School's Admissions team will review all application information and documents. If the prospective student meets the basic admissions criteria, he or she will be invited to attend a 1-3 day class trial. This class trial is an integral component of our admissions process. It allows your child to get a feel for our school and community and allows us to learn more about them. 

There is no cost or obligation for the class trial. It is simply to ensure the child feels comfortable at Winstedt, and that we have the necessary resources to best support the student's academic success. 

In some situations, the trial can be waived based on the application documents. In these situations, the student can be offered a 'Conditional Placement' which will be reviewed for changes at the end of the first enrolled term. 

Step 5: Decision

Following the class trial, a member of the Admissions team will call the parents to discuss the observations and feedback from the trial, as well as the child's suitability for the School. 

If admitted, the School will send parents a formal Placement Letter outlining the details and any conditions of placement, along with information regarding the next steps in the admissions process. 

If it is determined that Winstedt does not have the necessary resources to support the student, every effort will be made to refer the parents to possible alternatives. 

Step 6: Enrolment

Parents must sign the Placement Letter within 7 days to accept the offer of admission. 

After the Placement Letter has been signed, parents will be issued the Enrolment Fee invoice and the formal PEI Student Contract. 

Private Education Institution (PEI) Contracts

The Winstedt School is an accredited Private Education Institution (PEI) and parents of minors must sign the PEI Student Contract. It is mandatory that all students have a valid and signed contract prior to attending any classes as per the Committee for Private Education (CPE) regulation. Failure to complete the PEI Student Contract and pay the fees as stipulated in the PEI Student Contract will result in the forfeiture of the student's placement offer. 
Once the contract has been signed, parents will receive the invoice for the Course fees. Subsequent Course fees will be due according to the fee schedule found on the Fee Structure page. Fee refund details can be found under the guidelines set forth in the PEI Student Contract. A sample can be viewed online here

Note: Singaporean Citizens and students requiring a Student's Pass/Letter of Consent can only be enrolled upon approval from the relevant government bodies. Refer to our Admissions Criteria page for details. 

Note on Student Applications

If information relevant to the extent of the applicant's educational, emotional, social, or health needs has not been disclosed to the School by the date of admission, the School reserves the right to withdraw the child, based on the School's assessment (in its sole discretion) that the School is unable to meet the child's needs. 

The Winstedt School reserves the right to allocate places at its discretion in special circumstances.