The Winstedt School Mission


We exist to redefine the possibilities of education for those who learn differently.


Defy convention and create a movement of equity in education for every child through intuitive, imaginative and engaging learning.

The Winstedt School believes in developing good character, moral values and a keen sense of social responsibility within the school and community. The development of truth, goodness and morality are virtues inherent in the school’s philosophy and we work on strengthening the ethical muscles of all our students. Graduates of The Winstedt School possess confidence in their learning abilities, a strong sense of self-worth and essential skills that allow them to face challenges.


  • We believe no two brains are alike
  • We believe there are many paths to successful learning
  • We believe in the connectivity of community
  • We believe the best classrooms are made up of 2 teachers and a maximum of 15 students
  • We believe in the power of art in education
  • We believe that education should be relevant to the opportunities of today and tomorrow


The Winstedt School is a fully independent, non-sectarian international school governed by an Academic Board, Examination Board and Advisory Board composed of heads of departments, stakeholders, parents and professionals whose expertise add to the growth of the school. The Winstedt School is registered with the Committee of Private Education in Singapore and uses the IPC (UK), IMYC (UK) , Edexcel IPC & Lower Secondary, Pearson Edexcel IGCSE, GCSE and ASDAN curricula and academic frameworks.