Leadership bios

Shamini Ras Head of Pastoral Care

Head of Pastoral Care & School Counsellor

Shamini joined Winstedt in 2014 and is the Head of Pastoral Care as well as School Counsellor. She was a senior specialist psychologist with a local non-profit organisation for 4 years prior to joining the Winstedt family. During her time there, Shamini conducted assessments, researched as well as presented at international conferences. She was actively involved in public and school dyslexia screening activities and played a key role in creating awareness amongst the local communities. She was also instrumental in creating policies for her department in key areas of child protection.   

Shamini believes that every individual should be given as many opportunities as they need, to foster growth. She believes that the children of Winstedt are far more resilient than they let on. She is constantly learning new values from the children/adolescents that she works with and applies them to her own life.  

Shamini is a third-generation Singaporean and is married to an educator who has undiagnosed attention difficulties for 4 years. Shamini prefers to cuddle in with a good book and her dog then to spend a late night out. During their free time, Shamini and her husband train their dog, Mira in the hope that Mira can one day become a therapy dog.   


  • M.Coun, Counselling, Monash University 
  • BA (Hons), Psychology, SUNY Buffalo  
  • Certified MAPA (Managing Actual and Potential Aggression) Trainer  
  • Registered Counsellor and Clinical Member, Singapore Association of Counselling 
  • Full member, Singapore Psychological Society