Leadership bios

Jeanette Buckley Head of Junior School


Jeanette Buckley has immersed herself in education since completing her Master’s dissertation on the transformation of the South African education system and its impact on teachers, lecturing at University and then moving to Asia in 1999. She went from teaching kindergarten classes in Taiwan to being the Head Teacher of a few of the organisations' schools in Chung Ho. Jeanette was involved in designing, writing and editing curriculum, a series of phonics workbooks, teacher’s guides and workshops for training teachers. She moved with the organisation to Singapore in 2005 and became the Principal of their enrichment centre in 2008.  

Jeanette’s fascination with education led her to The Winstedt School, she has always believed that traditional education has never met the needs of all children. But, on observing the teachers, students and classes at Winstedt, she realised that it was the kind of school that she should have attended as a child; small, intimate and flexible enough to figure out each child’s strengths.  

The Winstedt team is passionate and persistent in figuring out how to reach and teach each child. The team believes in Sharon Solomon’s Winstedt dream and Jeanette wanted to be a part of that team. She became the Associate Head in 2015, Head of Junior School 2017 and Principal in 2020. The Winstedt School transforms learning and education by empowering and nurturing students who have learning differences. Jeanette works with a dynamic team of therapists, counsellors, teachers and parents in ensuring that each individual child achieves successful learning by meeting the student's needs for structured and multi–sensory learning, by adapting the school environment and being flexible in what and how material is taught. Jeanette believes that this flexibility in education is necessary for all children to learn and grow at their own pace, that not all children are suited to traditional methods of teaching and education systems. It is our responsibility as educators to think out of the box and adapt to the needs of our students. 


  • M.SocSci, Sociology, University of Kwazulu-Natal  
  • BA (Hons), Sociology, University of Kwazulu-Natal 
  • BA Psychology, Sociology, University of Kwazulu-Natal