Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have outlined below some common questions from current and prospective parents. If you still have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at info@winstedt.edu.sg or give us a call at +65 6715-5373. 

General FAQs

Which curriculum does Winstedt follow?

The Winstedt School utilises the globally-recognised, British curriculum which has been adapted for our international school population.

In the Early Years and Junior School, we use Edexcel for the core subjects of Maths and Literacy, as well as Science. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is used to connect cross-disciplinary topics through different themed units. Lessons are delivered using multi-sensory and differentiated teaching approaches to allow students with diverse learning profiles to make meaningful connections with the content.

In the Senior School we utilise the Pearson International General Certificate of Secondary Education and General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE and GCSE, ‘O’ Levels) as well as ASDAN academic frameworks. These different education pathways provide a variety of subject options and cater to students with learning differences.

Take a look at our Curriculum page for more details. 

What are Winstedt's graduation and placement rates?

The Winstedt School was initially founded as a Kindergarten in 2008. At the end of each academic year, we add another grade level for our students to progress into.

As of the 2019-2020 academic year, the school will go up to Year 10, with subsequent grade levels opening each year. As such, we have not yet had any students graduate.

What is the maximum and average class size?

The Winstedt school believes very strongly in the importance and benefits of small class sizes. For Reception classes, the maximum student-teacher ratio is 12 students to 2 qualified teachers. And for students in Years 1 and above, the maximum class size is 15 students to 2 qualified teachers.

As of August 2019, the average class size across the school is 12:2. 

This small student-teacher ratio ensures a high level of attention and a more personalised education for every student in the school. 

What languages are available for students to study?

All students in the School have weekly Mandarin lessons, unless a child has been specifically exempted by his or her Head of School.

The Mandarin programme at Winstedt focuses on exposure to the language and culture. Students looking for additional Mandarin opportunities can join either the Junior or Senior Mandarin clubs offered after school one day per week.

Winstedt does not offer a bilingual programme nor any other languages at this time.

When does the school year begin and end?

Like most international schools in Singapore, The Winstedt School follows a North American academic calendar with classes beginning in mid-August and ending in Mid-June.

There are 2-week term breaks in March and October and a month break in December. For more details on the school calendar, please visit our calendar page. 

If my child moves from Winstedt to another school, how will the curriculum align?

Winstedt delivers a globally-recognised, British curriculum. While all international curricula around the world will vary slightly in method and delivery, they remain relatively consistent in core concepts covered. Students transfer into Winstedt from different academic systems and out of Winstedt into other curricula and school types without any issues.

Winstedt parents will receive a thorough academic report at the end of each semester outlining the milestones for that term along with the child’s progress in each area. And the school is happy to prepare specific reference letters as needed for transfer to other schools.

What is the School's approach or policy towards bullying?

The Winstedt school culture places explicit emphasis on kindness and inclusion which is supported by our very low student-teacher ratio and integrated learning support model.

Some of our students have previously been bullied at other schools so they bring with them an understanding of what it feels like to be left out. As a result, the level of understanding and inclusion among the students is heightened which results in a culture of genuine support and compassion for classmates.

Additionally, our school Counsellor is timetabled into classes across the school to work with students on personal, social, and emotional skill development. And teachers across the school utilise The Virtues Project in their teaching and classroom activities.

While the school has not yet had any instances of bullying, should it occur, a team of staff comprising the relevant Head of School, classroom teachers and the school Counsellor would immediately come together to address the situation with the involved parties.

What exposure will my child have to technology?

Winstedt strives to prepare students for the digital world, while limiting screen time to specific academic purposes. All students from Year 4 and above are required to bring a laptop to school. Laptops are only to be used when explicitly instructed by the teacher for a specific academic purpose. Teachers will help students develop technology navigation and basic usage skills including the Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite and relevant academic applications. Additionally, students will take a weekly Information and Communication Technology (ICT) class where they are exposed to coding, cloud resources, and other relevant computer-based skills.

Laptops are not to be used before and after school, or during recess.

Additionally, students below year 4 are introduced to technology through specific academic applications on school iPads.

Classrooms at Winstedt are equipped with interactive, SMART boards which provide enhanced opportunities for multi-sensory instruction and further exposure to technology.

Visit our technology page for more details. 

How are parents involved at Winstedt?

Winstedt is fortunate to have very active and supportive parents who contribute their time and energy in a variety of ways. 

Our dedicated Parent League organises school-wide events and activities through the year. Room Parents support communication between the school and other parents of children in that class. Some parents volunteer their time regularly to help in the library or art room. And most families participate in our large school events. 

For more details, visit our Parent League page

Are student assessment performance outcomes available?

Due to the sensitivity of the data, as this information includes students' details, parents can approach the Head of Senior School for a personal sharing session on the student assessment performance outcome benchmarking report.

Admissions FAQs

What are the admissions requirements to attend Winstedt?

Winstedt is a purpose-built international school for bright and capable students who benefit from small classes and more personalised instruction.

Unfortunately, our academic and staffing model does not provide adequate support for all learners. In order to be admitted, students must:

  • Be fully toilet independent
  • Have basic proficiency in English
  • Have an average IQ or higher as documented on an Educational Psychology report conducted within the last 2 years.
  • Have adequate independence to engage in group learning without one-to-one prompting
  • Have no primary behavioural issues.

For more details on our admissions process, please visit our admissions criteria page and enrolment page

How do I know which grade or year my child will be in?

Here at The Winstedt School, we know that no two brains are alike and that there are many paths to learning. While most schools will place a child into a particular grade level based solely on the date of birth, Winstedt looks at a variety of factors including academic proficiency, social/emotional development, and learning profile to determine the overall best fit for each child.

Additionally, students in Year 3 and above are further grouped for the core subjects of Maths, Literacy, and Spelling. This approach ensures that each child is learning at the appropriate level for each subject.

Read more on our Year Level Placement page

Can students enrol after the school year has started?


To cater to Singapore’s international, expat community, The Winstedt School offers rolling admissions, pending availability.

To find out more about space availability at your child’s level, please contact admissions@winstedt.edu.sg.

Does Winstedt have a waiting list?

In early 2017, The Winstedt School relocated into a new campus roughly 4 times larger than the previous one, which provides us plenty of room to grow.

As of the 2019-2020 academic year, we do have waiting lists at certain year levels, however this can change as the school is experiencing significant enrolment growth and will split classes as needed. 

Please contact admissions@winstedt.edu.sg for current information regarding space availability at your child’s year level.

Is Winstedt able to issue Student's Passes?

Yes, pending approval from the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).  

The Winstedt School has received EduTrust Provisional Certification which allows the school to apply for Student's Passes. However, Student's Passes are not guaranteed and must be approved by the ICA.

After being admitted, the Winstedt admissions team will help to prepare the application materials for the Student's Pass. Processing time is typically 4-6 weeks. Student's Pass holders can only commence classes after notification that the Student's Pass has been approved.

Please note that Student Pass holders must meet the minimum 90% monthly attendance requirements stipulated by the ICA. For more information on student pass eligibility, please visit the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority site. 

For more details on international student admissions, please visit our admissions criteria page

Are Singaporeans eligible to attend Winstedt?

In order to attend private school, Singaporean students must be exempted from Compulsory Education by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

After a Singaporean applicant has been admitted to The Winstedt School, the admissions team will help to prepare the application materials to be submitted to MOE. Processing time is typically 8-10 weeks.

Singaporeans cannot enrol or attend classes at The Winstedt School without explicit approval from MOE. For more information on exemption from compulsory education, please visit the Singapore Ministry of Education site

For more details, please visit our admissions criteria page

Can children both with and without learning difficulties attend Winstedt?

Yes! We have many students at Winstedt who do not have any learning difficulties but still benefit from our small classes, personalised teaching, and inclusive community.

The Winstedt School delivers a globally-recognised, British curriculum that is tailored to the specific students in each class. As such, we can adapt instruction to meet the needs of all students, not just those who need extra support. 

In fact, we encourage families to keep siblings together by providing a generous sibling discount of 25% off course fees.  

Learning Support FAQs

What is the typical profile of students at Winstedt?

Winstedt is a mainstream, international school that provides integrated support for those who need it. We have students from over 30 different nationalities who speak more than 15 different native languages.

Winstedt has a close-knit and supportive community of diverse students who are are engaged in activities, both within and outside of the school, including theatre productions, sports teams, and musical groups. 

Our academic programme was developed for students with an average IQ and above, who do not require one-to-one or shadow support in the classroom.

Our students range from exceptionally gifted to those needing some support in the classroom. For students with learning difficulties, the most common include: Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, mild (high-functioning) ASD and academic anxiety.

What kind of learning support does Winstedt provide?

Winstedt is a purpose-built, international school that delivers a personalised education for every student. Support at Winstedt is not limited to specific accommodations or pull-out sessions, but is woven throughout the fabric of the school. 

  • Maximum 15:2 student-teacher ratio
  • Two qualified teachers in every class
  • Multi-age classes and subject groups
  • Occupational therapists, Speech and Language therapists, Counsellor, and Psychologist who work in classrooms with teachers and students
  • Multi-sensory lessons and regular movement breaks
  • Personalised instruction that caters to different learning styles and academic levels. 
  • Teachers who are specially trained in Orton-Gillingham (OG), Lindamood-Bell, Social Thinking, and other targeted methodologies.
  • Regular student reviews with academic, pastoral care, and therapy teams to revise tailored strategies and goals. 

To really understand what support looks like at Winstedt, please read this letter from our Heads of Schools or visit our Learning Support page

Does Winstedt allow Shadow Teachers or provide one-to-one support?

Unfortunately, no.

Winstedt’s focus is on developing independent learners as such we do not provide one-to-one support nor allow the use of Shadow Teachers. All Winstedt students must have enough independence to engage in group learning and manage themselves in a classroom environment.

Supplemental learning support sessions can be arranged after school to help students with subject specific difficulties or gaps. Recommendations on whether or not your child might need this will be provided at the end of the Class Trial in our admissions process. 

Please visit our admissions criteria page for more details. 

Activities, Camps & Clubs FAQs

What extracurricular or after school activities are available?

Winstedt offers a full suite of extracurricular activities (ECAs) after school from 3:30 - 4:30pm that include academic, athletic, and artistic options such as:

Homework Club Taekwondo Student Council
Football (Soccer) Pottery Debate Team
Girl Scouts Cooking Cross-country running
Builders Club Choir Basketball
Parkour Swimming Gymnastics
Drama Mandarin Club Sewing
Drone flying Little Veterinarians Character drawing


The school typically provides between 5-10 options per day for students to choose from. New options are continuously added to provide greater variety for exploration of interests. Door-to-door bus service is available both after school and after ECAs. Visit our Bus Transportation page for details. 

Winstedt also provides an overseas camp experience for students in Years 6 and above, as well as an overnight camp for students in Year 5. Visit our Beyond the Classroom page for more details. 

What sports teams or athletic opportunities are available for students?

Winstedt offers a full suite of extracurricular activities (ECAs) after school that include a variety of athletic options.

Football (soccer) Swimming Cross-country running
Basketball Taekwondo Table tennis
Parkour Archery Gymnastics

As the school is still growing, we do not yet have enough students within a given age band for team sports. Many of our students participate in private sports teams and clubs which compete across the APAC region. Sports clubs available in Singapore include rugby, basketball, martial arts, gymnastics, speed stacking, and football. 

Additionally, every morning at Winstedt starts with a morning fitness activity to improve concentration and focus in class. These activities include athletic circuits around the quad, Zumba or Yoga in the auditorium. And all students have weekly Physical Education (PE) sessions scheduled into their timetables. 

For more details, visit our Beyond the Classroom page

What performing or fine arts opportunities are available?

Winstedt offers a full suite of extracurricular activities (ECAs) after school that include creative and artistic options such as:

Pottery Mural painting Choir
Song writing Music recording Comic and character drawing
Musical instrument lessons Doll making                Speech and drama


Additionally, Winstedt’s arts-infused curriculum provides opportunities for artistic development and exploration throughout the school day. All students have music, art, and drama scheduled into their timetables. 

For more details, visit our Beyond the Classroom page

Does Winstedt offer holiday or school camps?

Yes. Winstedt students participate in different types school camps based on their year level. The camp activities and learning goals are developed by our academic team and are integrated with curriculum themes to deepen students' understanding of concepts and provide opportunities for real-world application. 

Year 4 students participate an all-day, off-site camp in Singapore. 

Year 5 students participate in off-site activities around Singapore with an overnight stay at The Winstedt School campus. 

Years 6 and above participate in overseas camps allowing them to further develop their independence, problem solving, and leadership skills. 

Camps also include a philanthropic activity for students to connect with and give back to the local community. 

For more details, visit our Beyond the Classroom page

What clubs and organisations are available?

The Winstedt School has an active Student Council which is elected at the beginning of each academic year. This leadership group organises activities for students, represents the student voice to the school, and serves as role models for the student community. 

Winstedt also has a Choir who performs at school events as well as a Builder's Club which meets on Saturdays to work on engineering and design projects around the school. Parents are encouraged to join Builder's Club sessions to spend quality time outside with your child. Each weekly session ends with a group BBQ. 

Winstedt also offers after-school Homework, Mandarin, and Debate clubs through our extracurricular activities ECAs) programme. 

If students have an idea for a new club or student organisation, they are encouraged to speak with their respective Head of School. 

For more details, visit our Beyond the Classroom page.