Faculty & Staff

"I think Winstedt is special because the teachers won't make you do something without you understanding it. Instead, they will figure out a way to teach you so that you understand and will make it as fun as possible while learning."
- Year 5 Student

The Winstedt School is proud to employ a uniquely qualified and experienced teachers, medical and other education specialists dedicated to providing an inspiring, challenging and supportive learning environment. The Winstedt faculty and staff are comprised of passionate and mission-driven individuals who are believers of our vision.

  • Over 40% of our teaching staff hold a Master's Degree or above
  • All of our in-house therapy and pastoral care professionals are licensed practitioners
  • Average tenure of a Winstedt teacher is 5 years. We are proud to note that we have many teachers who have been with us from the inception of Winstedt in 2008

Our international staff hail from around the world and bring a wealth of experience working with diverse learners, students with special needs, and learning differences into the Winstedt classroom. Our teachers, therapists, and psychologists have advanced qualifications or certifications in special education and extensive experience in working with students who think and learn differently. And Winstedt provides on-going training in multi-sensory teaching methodologies to further equip teachers and specialists with skills needed to engage and support students' academic success. 

Winstedt's commitment to small class size, two teachers in every classroom, and a innovative trans-disciplinary pedagogy allow our teachers and specialists to provide personalised attention to each student as a team. The Winstedt Team approach enables us to know each student on a deeper level to provide tailor instruction based on individual learning styles and special needs of each student. 

Read through our staff profiles here. You can also view our organisational chart. If you're interested in joining our School as a member of our faculty or corporate services staff, please visit our page for career opportunities.