Examination Board

The Examination Board develops and implements the processes governing the conduct of examinations or assessments of Winstedt's self-developed courses.

The Examination Board is comprised of the following members: 

  • Chair: Ms. Sharon Sophie Solomon, Founder and Director
  • Ms. Jeanette Buckley, Principal
  • Ms. Shamini Ramachandran, Head of Pastoral Care

The Examination Board is responsible for the development of examination and assessment procedures, such as developing and facilitating the implementation of procures to: 

  • Ensure the security of examination scripts and answer sheets; 
  • Ensure the proper conduct of examinations and assessments; 
  • Define and ensure the proper discharge of duties and responsibilities of invigilators and markers; 
  • Conduct moderation of internal examination and internal assessment marks; and 
  • Handle appeals from students with regard to examination or assessment matters. 

Externally-developed courses are examined or assessed according to the procedures specified by the UK curriculum provider.