About Us

The Winstedt School is an independent, family-owned, international school based in Singapore that is leading the way for differentiated learning for a specific segment of the student population in South-East Asia. There is no other school like The Winstedt School in the region - that offers the breadth and depth of expertise and a track record of impact for students with learning differences that benefit from varying levels of learning support to thrive and excel both academically and socially.

Since 2008, Winstedt has led the way for inclusive and progressive education in Singapore. Winstedt was founded by an Educator, Sharon Solomon, who had a mission and a vision to transform education based on her personal struggles and experiences as a student. Students who benefit from a small student-teacher ratio are welcomed, challenged, and well-supported as we work towards capitalising on their individual strengths. 

Winstedt delivers the globally-recognised British mainstream curriculum in a way that is individualised to meet the special needs and learning differences of each student in the class to offer continuity of skills from Reception through Year 13. We have a strong team of in-house therapists, psychologists and counsellors, and subject specialists who are fully integrated into the daily school-life and academic curriculum.

Small classes and tailored subject groupings in an inclusive environment allow for successful learning with specialised and dedicated teachers, therapists, and psychologists who understand a student's need for explicit and multi-sensory learning. 

The Winstedt School does not allow the use of shadow teachers. We want our students to own their learning, advocating for who they are, where their resources lie and work in tandem with the teachers. Winstedt defies traditional education systems by making the school work for every child and not the child working for the system.

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