About Us

At The Winstedt School, we are committed to educating children who learn differently. Since 2008, The Winstedt School has led the way for inclusive and progressive education in South-East Asia. Students who benefit from a small student to teacher ratio are welcomed, challenged, celebrated and well-supported as we work towards capitalising their individual gifts.

A comprehensive, interdisciplinary British curriculum is individualised to offer continuity of skills through to Year 10 (with additional years to Year 12 opening each year).

Small classes and module based instruction in an inclusive environment allow for successful learning with specialised and dedicated teachers who understand a student's needs for explicit, structured and multi-sensory learning.

The Winstedt School does not provide IEP's nor allow for shadow teachers. We want our students to own their learning, advocating for who they are, where their resources lie and work in tandem with their teachers.

To find out more about joining The Winstedt School, please visit our Admissions page.